Thursday, February 22, 2007

More Caricature

I think I like doing caricatures because I'm new to them and I feel like I have permission to do bad drawings. Most of the time, even when I'm just quickly thumbnailing stuff out, I feel guilty if the drawing isn't "good."

Here are two friends of mine. You probably don't know them, so just trust me, they are spot on perfect.

And when I say spot on perfect, I mean they have some issues. I made Joe (the top guy) look quite a bit older than he should, and when Matt saw his caricature, he asked if it was a really mad Barak Obama.

So I drew Obama
I tried to make this drawing more structurally sound than the others, but the problem with doing that is the tendency to make a stiff drawing. I'm also not sold on how I did his forehead.


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Tim Moen said...

hey adam, love the obama. the lost characatures and the figure drawings are really nice too. it was good to meet you the other nite. see you at future asifa drawing nites.