Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Demetri Martin

I saw Demetri Martin perform at the UCB Theater last night. He's working on new material and it's interesting to hear his jokes before he's perfected them. He also showed some work in progress sketches that he made for his Comedy Central show which is coming out in February (I think). I thought these were the most interesting because they really ran the gamut. He only showed sketches he wasn't confident about (in order to gauge crowd reaction). Some were good and some...weren't, but it's a good reminder that everyone has to struggle to make good work and that sometimes you have to make bad stuff too.

Here's a quick caricature I did of him tonight.

Not that great, but whatever. Also, I tried out a new pen and as you can see it started leaving ugly dots and smudged when I started in on the hair.