Thursday, February 15, 2007


While watching Lost tonight, I was struck by what an interesting nose Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) has, so I did a drawing of him. And if you draw him, you gotta draw Hurley (Jorge Garcia).

I played around a ton with Hurley's eyes, and ended up going with really small ones to make his face seem that much bigger.

Sayid (Naveen Andrews) has a really interesting face because he has feminine eyes, but still looks very tough. I got tired of drawing dudes, but the hard part with doing Lost caricatures is that the woman don't have as distinct faces as the men. I tried to do Sun (Yunjin Kim, and no I didn't know these actors names, I had to look them up), but it came out pretty terrible. I include it only to stay honest.


Tim said...

I think the top two are fantastic, and it's freaky, I kind of noticed Charlie's weird nose last night too.

Adam Sacks said...

I find noses are the easiest thing to draw and make look different on each person. Mouths are my weakness; getting lips to look like they are protruding from the rest of the skull but still wrapping around the overall shape of the face is tough. Right now I think I'm still giving everyone generic flat lips.