Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm #1 on Google!

I have a stat counter on my blog, and one thing it tells me is what search strings lead people here.

Not surprisingly Adam Sacks is a big hit. But quite surprisingly, someone arrived here by searching "How to get an attractive girlfriend"

Confused and intrigued (but not in that order), I Googled the phrase to find out what other web pages I am grouped in with, and I made a shocking discovery:

Not only am I the first search result that comes up, I am the ONLY result that comes up. Don't believe me? Check it out! No other website caters to the oft overlooked demographic of singles seeking attractive females for relationships (and presumably relations).

Maybe I'm crazy, but I believe I've discovered an untapped and potentially lucrative niche market here. I am currently looking for investors, advertisers, and attractive girls who want to become attractive girlfriends to those searching the internet for attractive companionship.

And if you're wondering why "How to get an attractive girlfriend" leads you here, it's because my initial reaction after seeing the movie Knocked Up was
Average guy gets hot girl by getting her pregnant. It sorta seems like a misguided fantasy a loser would come up with for how to get an attractive girlfriend.
I stand by that statement. There was an interesting article on Slate recently about whether Knocked Up was sexist. It might be, but unintentionally so. More I think it falls into the guys version of a romantic comedy which goes something like:

I'm able to look past your bland personality and appreciate your appearance, why can't you look past my bland appearance and appreciate my personality?

Which is what my retooled blog will be all about! Get in on the ground floor and invest now! In a year Rupert Murdoch will buy us out.

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MacTipper said...

Um, you're not #1 any more. Your website is #3. :P Although, the #1 and #2 spots are taken by your video on funnyordie and youtube.

So, you still hold all the spots, just not by your blog.

Now I just have to figure out a way to get this into one of my blog posts...

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