Monday, August 13, 2007

Comedian Caricatures

I don't read Harry Potter, but I do listen to them on audio books while I work. The problem is, during the final book I ran out of work, so I decided to do some caricatures while having Jim Dale read me the Harry Potter finale.

I started with Sarah Silverman because I had recently seen seen Jesus is Magic

And I thought Brian Posehn was great on the Sarah Silverman Program. So he was next.

At this point, I figured let's stick with comedians that had shows on Comedy Central, so I moved on to Stella and Michael Showalter.

My David Wain attempts didn't really exaggerate much.

My Michael Ian Black ended up looking more like Tom Cruise.

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Sean Wallace said...

I enjoy your caricatures. I came upon this page googling the stella characters so I can start a few sketches of my own, but I went ahead and checked the rest of the drawings out--very cool